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Samantha Yallope3999707115bd54bfe626ce0d50403a00

Sam works by building up thin layers of oil paint in order to capture the depth and often dreamlike qualities of her subjects, and will often work on 3-5 paintings at a time because of the process involved.

“I love spending that time with them – watching them take form.  Each painting expresses something I’ve been unable to wholly communicate in any other way, and gives me an enormous sense of peace and completion”

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Carla BenzieCarla

At age 18 Carla took her talents to a professional level and started tattoo apprenticeship on the Gold Coast, becoming a full time tattoo artist in 2009.

“I enjoy painting women, I find painting bows boring, and my favourite artist is Alex Pardee.”

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Joy FrenchJoy

Joy’s works consist of acrylics, ink pens and oil pastels. The technique is dramatic lines, bold fine art brush strokes in black and whites with washes of grey and splashes of colour, engages with patches of colour as a focal point to add depth to the story. From there a connection being made from the artist to the viewer to create their own experience and feeling.

“I have a huge fascination with people. Art is a vehicle to communicate, connect and to gain a deeper understanding of myself and others. The pains, desires and passions of the human condition, society and the roles we play. My artistic ambition is to ‘connect’.”

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Travis D. HendrixTravis

It’s all about journeys and the adventures along the way. After having spent numerous years abroad, Travis now takes journeys within himself as he explores the inner self and transcribes it in detail through various creative mediums such as painting, drawing and writing. With a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of art supplies he experiments with mediums such as coffee and blends them with other disciplines in a surrealist style. His works are full of symbolism and allegory, often with codes or puzzles that only become noticed after several viewings.

“If ten people see a painting of mine and come away with ten different interpretations then that is a successful work to me.”

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Jamie YallopeWolverine

Jamie creates canvases and vinyl that have people coming back again and again for commission pieces. His passion was first ignited by his love of music and feeling inspired to capture the essence of people (such as Thom Yorke) whose work has made a profound difference in his life. He soon discovered a similar appreciation for others around him, his work representing the bare bones of human nature with flickers of darker depths.

Jamie works with aerosol spray paints and his own stencils. “I love the spray effect – the uncontrollable aspect of the medium that gives each piece it’s own personality. Even with the use of stencils, no two could ever be exactly the same, and I wouldn’t want the to be. I can distance the stencils and play with the cans to get different effects, but on the day it can all be altered by something as simple as the breeze.”

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Steve FalcoSteve

Steven Falco works predominately in painting. Aerosol, acrylics and ink, using clears, impasto, water and solvents to create effects. “Single line paintings where the end is the beginning,” is how he describes his art. The brush control of styles like Pin striping and Oriental calligraphy, combined with the weaving of Celtic knot work, and the funk of Street handstyles, are all heavy influences. The background completes the story whether it be simple, detailed, moving or non existent.

Jason Gormanexhibition image

Jason’s current work is based on his time in Japan, and the following poem sets the tone, which he wrote about a Japanese English teacher he had to work with.

“You smile and your face cracks. The rivers below your sad eyes flood their eyelashed banks. The oceans of dead, putrid time ravage your sullen cheeks. You tie up a clue in every ragged smirk, an accusation on the tip of every terse word. And you drag your broken kite body like a voodoo corpse between the many graves of your purgatory life.”

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Oliver StraussOliver

“Artistically I work with a limited set of tools and a pretty scarce colour palette; I habitually side with a small set of colours to start the foundation of my work but through growth I look forward to welcoming variations.”

“Through art I hope to perpetuate the pleasure that self expression naturally grants us. Sharing an unspoken language for all cultures and generations to communicate on common ground; allowing the integration of all that surrounds us. Directly, I practice art for peace of mind.”

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Rita RoseRita

Rita believes that there is stupid weirdo in all of us and intends on breaking down that comfort zone we call life. “Life should not be an obligation. If you’re not laughing or crying, you’re not alive! I believe people need to start surrounding themselves with everything that inspires them.” Her art reflects her quirky everyday thoughts in a grudge off-beat tune. Rita is fresh meat, so look forward to seeing her work creep around Brisbane.

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JayCee (Josh Cranstoun)Josh C JayCee

Josh Cranstoun (JayCee), the lyric-smith with quick deliveries and intricate rhymes, works over John Dalgety’s (Baptist) laid back beats and crystallising keys. JayCee’s passion is words. These lyrics reveal his life in an organic way, showing how minor moments have played significant roles when embraced. This is a fundamental theme that
instinctively directs his goals.

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Kylie Farrelly Kylie Farrelly

Kylie was born and raised in Brisbane. She taught Art as a Secondary teacher in 3 Queensland High schools for 8 years before having her children. For the past 9 years she has made Art her career by establishing her Art Studio Gallery in Teneriffe and conducting Art classes for students of all ages.
“Bris Vegas has a sense of never ending energy and activity. Capturing this in a painting is what I love to do. The interaction with the image and the viewer while I paint is so fulfilling as they recognise locations within the landscape.”

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Charli Kahler 20160907_193218

Charli is one of Brisbane’s freshest emerging artists.
Especially drawn to portraiture, her works have a resonance far beyond their playful lines and bold colours.

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Astrid Astrid

A singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar with a penchant for tasteful lyrics that tell a story. There is an evident passion for guitar which she says started at a young age having grown up with older brothers who play and write music. Only in recent years however, has she stepped out of her comfort zone and discovered a voice inside herself that now accompanies her moody melodies. Astrid writes from feeling with the aim to take listeners on a musical journey to a place of heart ache, happiness & hullabaloo. Her influences include: Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Jeff Buckley and many more. In the past Astrid has also delved deep into heavy metal music with some of her favoured bands being that of the death metal genre. This influence occasionally divulges itself through intricate solo guitar parts and darker sounding riffs.

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