543738_10150995346606303_246618336_nAt Die Empty, we support each other by organizing group exhibitions together. Each exhibit runs a little differently depending on the artists involved and who takes the reigns ūüėČ
We definitely encourage participants to share their creative processes with their audience. This can be as simple as a conversation about your inspiration, or a little more expansive like displaying a photo album filled with your work in progress shots, screening a movie of you in action, or presenting a demo on opening night. Feel free to spread your wings!!

Die Empty artists have a diverse range of skill levels. We are a group of professional full-time artists, part timers and first timers. We’re passionate about our work, and moving towards a career in art.¬†We believe that people perform better in groups, and they also draw more attention!

If you’d like to show your work with Die Empty, please get in touch with us and include these¬†things:

  • 3 – 6 low-res images of the work you want to post
  • your artist bio

Thank you, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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