Artist Interview: Joy French

Joy French is exhibiting with Die Empty,
June 27th- July 3rd 2013
Opening night Friday June 28th 5-9pm
Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane

Miranda Kerr by Joy French

Miranda Kerr

The women in your paintings are strong and powerful; are your subjects imaginary or do you reference real women? 
I am fascinated by strong powerful , women who stand into there space, whatever role they have chosen to play ? Whether it be a mother, singer, poet, actress, mostly those who have made a mark or have inspired me,  it may be their story about their life or it maybe something visually striking where i just have to paint them.


Ray Charles by Joy French

Ray Charles

What part of the female face do you find the most time consuming to reproduce?
I LOVE THE eyes ..

On average, how long does it take to complete a portrait, and what year did you start taking your art seriously?
This is really tricky question to answer, it really does vary so much depending on the subject and my mood sometimes it can be a day sometimes a week or longer .. I Took art seriously as little girl :)) 🙂

Abigail O'Neill by Joy French

Abigail O’Neill

What advice can you give to aspiring portrait painters? Can you recommend a book or other resource that helped you learn how to produce great portraits?
Not really just practise , practise practise practise- be open to new opportunities

We understand you have an exhibition coming up at the Agora Gallery in New York, can you tell us a bit about how that opportunity came up for you?
YES , I am  in November cannot wait , they sent me an email about submitting my works- they had been watching my pieces apparently , so i went ahead and submitted my work early last year and they got back to me at dams welcoming me into the agora family, and have started to pr my work and gallery representation- very excited !! And very grateful.

Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting out professionally?
Be true to you , be open to opportunities ,it’s always about the journey not the destination …


Artist Invoking Artists

Artist Invoking Artists

You are a woman of many, many talents- what are you currently working on besides Die Empty, and which of your endevours are your all time favourite projects?
Oh thank you , I am working on the New york exhibit and currently four  commission jobs for some houses in Melbourne. Also a little photography for Tijuana cartel on one of their tours !! Photography is another great love !!

What do you aim to achieve in the next year?
TRAVEL !!! And paint. Be inspired and meet new and amazing souls to share with, love and laugh with.

You can view more of Joy French’s work at

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