This is a new section to be dedicated to all sorts of creative inspiration!
We’ll gradually be adding links to all kinds of documentaries, interviews, talks and articles that feed creative thought, and if we miss any of your favorites please let us know 🙂

Creative Brains:Music, Art and Emotion by University of California TV

BBC Documentary: The Creative Brain – How Insight Works

Human Brain and Quantum Physics

Monster Road documentary about animator Bruce Bickford

Cosmic Creativity – How Art Evolves Conciousness. Alex Grey at TEDx Maui 2013

Creativity Under Pressure. Todd Henry at TEDx Xavier University

Do Schools Kill Creativity? Sir Ken Robinson for TED

The Art of Being Yourself. Caroline McHugh at TEDx Milton Keynes Women

New York Times article
Outlines some benefits of exercising the right side of your brain, notably through drawing

Oil Painting – a great guide to Grisaille

Basic colour mixing

Oil painting – recipe for glaze / wash

Oil painting – step by step glazing

The title says it all

Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain – Betty Edwards

Pre-Raphaelite Painting Techniques – Joyce H. Townsend, Jacqueline Ridge & Stephen Hackney



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