Die Empty is a process – a concept being put into practice. A basis to explore the roots and journey of the creative process and share what it means to the artist, the viewer, and on a larger scale, what creative expression means to us as human beings and community. Die Empty was born in 2012. It was delayed for a year and in that time expanded from one exhibition to an ongoing project.

“After many visits to many galleries and exhibitions – from breathtaking artworks set out with the pristine presentation of a jeweler’s shop window – to gritty social commentaries, anonymous and temporarily boarding on cafe/bar walls – as stunning as some of them were, I often felt that there was something missing. Of course it’s wonderful to have that peace and space to enjoy the artwork. But there’s so much life and joy in the artistic / creative process that has been and gone by the time the piece is hanging on a gallery wall. I guess it’s like bringing the studio to the exhibition (?) I couldn’t put my finger on it until a trip to Seattle in 2012. After almost a week of viewing outstanding artwork, I felt that my standards were pretty high. A friend took me to Super Genius Tattoo and the guys blew me away.”

Damon“Comfy leather couches, piles of portfolios to thumb through, and LIFE. Damon showed us through the art studio where himself and his employees paint when they’re not tattooing. People were chatting about their own and each others artworks, appreciating each other and being productive and supportive. They pointed out their favourites in each others portfolios and shared WHY, whether it reminded them of someone or they were blown away by the use of the palette”

“I’m hoping that by providing a space (even though it’s just a wee spot on the web for now), we can support art and creativity in everyone, share some unique artwork & creative ideas, and give people a little of that warm feeling I brought back from Seattle.”