Die Empty is an art group created by Samantha Yallope for the purpose of connecting artists so we can support each other in getting our work out there. Sharing is caring!! A question she gets asked a lot is ‘Why the name Die Empty’?

“A friend of mine told me about a book he read that had a profound effect on him (The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry). He said that the last two words of the entire book were ‘die empty’, as in ‘live full, die empty’. We had a chat about how we might die empty. He writes and I paint, so the conversation mostly revolved around release through creative self expression and it’s place in society.”


Everything is a process, from people overcoming heart-wrenching stories of abuse to dealing with a crappy day at work. Bottling up our emotions tends to have an adverse effect on us, regardless of whether we’re withholding anger or happiness – whatever there is to be expressed – it’s healthy for us to find a productive means of expressing it. Imagine if your favourite songs had never been written, the ones that get you through break ups and rough times. You hear those comforting chords or lyrics that are oh so true and you know that you’re not alone. Or there’s those beats that you can’t not get yer groove on to.

chrisberens“I’ve had a few friends buy paintings and share with me afterwards why they chose them. One friend bought one because it made him laugh every time he looked at it. Another friend was suffering a bout of insomnia and said the painting made her feel calm – it helped her sleep. You never know where someone will find value in your art, and to me, both of these reasons are priceless. Imagine how much is out there that you haven’t seen or heard. I recently discovered the artwork of Chris Berens and I have no idea how I didn’t find him sooner, or how I’ve managed to live without him for so long.’

‘My intent is to Die Empty and take as many as possible with me!”