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Artist : Phonk Sycke

Co-founder of Die empty Label and music art director.

I am, I'll be the magical musical head of th label
a Hip Hop alien in my own way
Expressing my feelings thru Rap beatbox beatmaking or Djing, the list goes on and o all day long
I am an O.G. OriGinal producing composing and putting out my music, for the world to hear
Creator of the world famous Galagola radio Show,
I am so serious crafting my work I'll be doing it, while having fun.

Thx for your support 

 Phonk Sycke

The latest releases

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Moine Soldat / Dj Enygm x Loco Rodriguez / Phonk Sycke Remix

EP / BLEU by Phonk Sycke

album EP bleu Phonk Sycke

At the end of 2022, Phonk Sycke unveils a reimagined version of his very first EP, "BLEU," released over 15 years ago.

This new interpretation takes on an innovative approach, revealing a more refined sensitivity.

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